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The Love You Give

Dec 12, 2018

The Love you Give talks to Angela Sumner of Hyperdimensional Human about using the divine feminine and masculine energies for balance, what it means to be a witch, inter-dimensional beings like aliens, and letting go of judgment of others.

Instagram @hyperdimensionalhuman


Dec 11, 2018

The Love You Give talks to Rockstar Shaman Alyson Charles about how a dark moment led to her awakening, what exactly is shamanism, how to get in touch with nature and the divine, and much more. 

Instagram @iamalysoncharles

Dec 11, 2018

The Love You Give talks to Australian animal rights activist James Aspey about why he took a one year vow of silence, veganism being the diet of the future, and the morality/ethicality/health/environmental affects of our diets.

instagram @jamesaspey


Dec 1, 2018

The Love You Give talks to Ezzie Spencer PHD about her book called Lunar Abundance, living in rhythm with natures cycles, and the best rituals for every moon.

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Book Lunar Abundance

Nov 28, 2018

The Love You Give talks to Maddy Moon about her former life as a perfection obsessed gym fanatic, how to release control, accepting more feminine energy into all our lives, what is Vedic meditation, and the importance of polarity in relationships.



Instagram @madelynmoon

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